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A recent devastating personal injury case has demonstrated the critical importance of personal injury compensation legislation – and the crucial nature of the forensic examination of evidence.

10 year old Maisha Najeeb had suffered from a rare condition which affects her circulatory system, but all the same was a ‘happy, active’ little girl. Photographs show a beaming child in her neat school uniform, eyes bright with good humour.

When Maisha visited the justly renowned Great Ormond Street Hospital for a surgical procedure to alleviate her condition, a catastrophic mix-up of fluids resulted in an injection of glue into her brain. A simple error has devastated the life of Maisha and her family: left with severe brain damage, she will require expensive medical care.

At the Royal Courts of Justice, complex and detailed evidence was presented by lawyers seeking compensation. Accepting the liability of the hospital, the court ordered the highest ever compensation award for medical negligence in the UK, and the National Health Service will pay Maisha and her family £24.2 million. The vast sum is intended both to reflect the extreme severity of the incident, and ensure Maisha is properly cared for during the remainder of her life.

The headlines are tragic; the images, still more so.  The dedication which Maisha’s legal team brought to her case - and indeed those who worked equally tirelessly to advocate on behalf of the NHS – would have been remarkable. The case would likely have included the minute examination of a large body of evidence, ranging from handwritten notes to digital files, and from personal testimony to information generated automatically from medical monitoring equipment.

For such cases, fragments of information become of crucial importance. The oversight of a minute but critical piece of evidence can be so damaging as to lose a case, whilst accurately sifting-out relevant information can bring a client urgently-needed compensation. At Legastat, we understand that the use of innovations such as eDiscovery is not just an interesting foray into twenty-first century tech. Professional, tech-savvy litigation support is not a service, but a partnership – and can be crucial to bringing a successful conclusion to a case.

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