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Better tech in the courts: an optimistic round-up

Better tech in the courts: an optimistic round-up


Here at Legastat we’ve been tracking developments in court technology, from the eventual roll-out of Wi-Fi in the courts nationwide to judges pleading for the use of digital bundles and costs budgets kept down by use of legal tech.

Whilst layers have generally been fairly on-the-ball when it comes to getting with the 21st century programme (contacting clients via Twitter, maintaining websites, releasing apps for smartphones and tablets) the courts have rather lagged behind.

But there’s definitely been considerable developments, all of which should be enthusiastically welcomed by those who – like we at Legastat – are keen to ensure the legal landscape reflects the dynamic and fast-paced world we live in.  Here’s a swift round-up:

  • The Civil Justice Council has recommend that a new online dispute system for low value disputes should be established by 2017;

  • June 2015 saw the launch of a scheme in the Technology and Construction Court, which allows the electronic filing of documents in court, and electronic case management by court staff;

  • The announcement by the President of the Queen’s Bench Division of a project allowing the judiciary to work from a cloud-based system; and

  • The roll out (ongoing, of course) of Wi-Fi in all criminal courts, with civil and family courts to follow in due course.

Lawyers impatient to see the courts brought fully into the 21st century need not hang about when it comes to their own affairs. At Legastat, we offer a professional litigation support services with a strong focus on legal tech – from eDiscovery and eDisclosure using the latest software developments to working on the creation of digital bundles and advising on cloud storage solutions – and we’re waiting to take your call.