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This year will see the launch of a sparkling new innovation in legal practice: the ‘Law Superstore’ website. It’s pretty much the legal marketplace equivalent of infamous insurance comparison site, though the jury is out on whether users will be incessantly offered a gift of an exotic mammal in cuddly toy form.

Here at Legastat we are nothing if not keen to see tech developments make real changes for the better in the way law is practised in the UK, so we’ve taken a quick look at the site, and what it promises.

It is designed to allow clients to compare the services offered by law firms, searching for exactly the legal service they need by various criteria. Searches can be performed under 12 categories (including financial matters, employment, personal injury and property). Other search terms such as location, fee structures, opening hours and even gender of lawyer are available.

The site appears to place a serious emphasis on demystifying the legal process: it’s written in largely laypersons’ terms, and where legal phrasing is unavoidable it is highlighted, and the user can hover over the term for an explanation.

Law firms then receive referrals, and firms don’t pay to be registered on the site. Rather, they’re charged a fee for any work received via the site, with the fee depending on the type of work, and its complexity and duration. Personal Injury firms are treated differently in order to circumnavigate issues around the PI fee referral ban: firms registered on the site will pay an advertising fee.

It’s anticipated that in due course there will be a review option – something sure to strike terror into the heart of any lawyer who has peeked at It remains to be seen whether the website really can, as promised, “make it easier for everyone” – but we certainly welcome all attempts to demystify the legal process.

At Legastat, we have been ahead of the curve in legal tech for decades, helping lawyers provide a truly modern service to their clients. Whether or not you are tempted to immediately register on Law Superstore, there are steps you can take to ensure your clients are receiving the 21st century service they expect. Contact our expert litigation support professionals now, and we can advise