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Cyber Security blog round-up

Cyber Security blog round-up

Another year, another set of cyber-threats. Once lawyers across the world got used to one technique used by cyber criminals, and put up appropriate defences, fresh attacks were invented. For early 2016 it’s the ‘vishing’ technique we all have to look out for: a cunning combination of online trawling for facts about a firm, combined with a convincing phone call from a criminal posing as a bank official. Meanwhile, the notorious ‘Friday afternoon’ scam – which particularly targets chambers and firms at a time of the week when they’re most likely to have money in the coffers – continues to be a serious threat.

All lawyers are only too aware of the need to implement measures to protect clients –and, of course, their own reputation. And one of the best sources of information and guidance is, of course, online – where bloggers provide frequently updated posts to help guard against the threat of cyber attack.

Here’s Legastat’s own round-up of some of then best cyber-blogs out there:

The  Law Society blog declares: “You’ve been hacked – you just don’t know it yet”. What follows this frankly alarming headline is some useful information on the basics of cyber security.

The Datonomy data protection blog offers regular updates on data protection law, legal practice and other issues. Have a look at its information on the US-EU ‘Safe Harbour’ Privacy Shield.

Over in the US, the Price Waterhouse Cooper Cyber Security and Privacy blog looks at cyber security and cyber-crime issues here in the EU and in the States. In depth posts look at issue such as the new EU Cyber Directive, and there’s a particularly thoughtful look at the tricky balance between cyber crime prevention and personal privacy in the US 2015 Cybersecurity Act.

That blog’s UK cousin, Cyber Security Updates, is a bit snappier and more witty, and will keep any legal practitioner on their toes. See what happened when a higher education research network came under attack, and take a quick glimpse into a disorganised law firm’s office.

For those unafraid of a bit of tech-speak, the IT Security Expert blog is a good bet. It looks at issues including Hacking, DDoS, botnets, malware, identity theft, data protection and regulatory compliance like PCI DSS & ISO27001: 2013. All of which is mildly off-putting, but fear not: the author promises that “all will be explained in an easy to understand way.” Complex information is presented well, such as in these infographics on “10 steps to a secure network infrastructure”.

Here at Legastat, we understand that making use of all that 21st century tech can offer a law firm comes with a responsibility to keep your clients safe. Contact our expert litigation support professionals for advice now.