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So that's email sorted. What next?

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So that’s email sorted. What next?


Think you’re a pretty tech-savvy sort of outfit? All au fait with digital bundles and eDiscovery? Well there’s a firm out there really ready to show the legal marketplace who’s boss when it comes to being one step ahead in the IT game.

Over at DLA Piper, it would seem Twitter is already a bit old hat. After all, it’s already been around for nine years, and even fairly crusty old barristers can boast thousands of followers.

DLA Piper is turning instead to an internal version of Twitter called Grapevine (and now we all have this earworm). With Greets instead of Tweets, Grapevine is an ‘open security’ social media platform for the firm. Users will be able to send and receive messages, as well as be kept up to speed on the status of cases and fee payments.

Speaking about the innovation, DLA Piper’s Chief Information Officer Daniel Pollick really lays into the horrors of email. It is (he says) “a horrible mash-up of stuff I don’t need to see, stuff I need to see but which requires no action by me, and stuff that I need to act on, with no way of distinguishing between these elements without reading each one. No wonder people hate it!”

Whilst we may not all share Pollick’s loathing of mail, it’s easy to see the appeal of Grapevine. It will provide lawyers with a constantly updated rolling feed of news, correspondence, updates and actions – and may well prove useful in streamlining the working day by allowing lawyers to prioritise work and avoid unnecessary distractions.

DLA Piper is no stranger to innovation – some time back it ditched all its phones, leaving lawyers to make calls via the Lync system on their PCs. And how did they incentivise the use of Lync? Why, by getting senior partners to make unavoidable calls to unsuspecting staff. They soon got used to it.

At Legastat, we are at the forefront of legal tech innovations, advising our clients on how best to harness IT and communications software in order to thrive in a competitive legal marketplace. If you want your practice to give DLA Piper a run for its technology money, call us now.