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Tech Round-Up, Summer 2014

Since barely a month passes without some new gadget, app or software platform promising to render the lawyer’s life one of ease and efficiency, we take a look at four of the most useful innovations cropping up out there in the techspace.


Nomad charge key

A boon for lawyers dashing from chambers to court to café and back again, fretfully watching the dwindling battery on their arsenal of tablets and phones, the ‘NomadKey’ is an ultra-portable USB cable no bigger than a house key, designed to be carried everywhere. Available for Android, Windows and iPhone smartphones, it can charge and sync from any USB port.  Keep an eye on Nomad’s swish new website for further product launches, including a charger designed to slot into the credit card section of a wallet, and the ‘NomadClip’, which comes in the form of a carabiner (presumably for mountaineers pausing to Tweet high-altitude selfies).


Smarter speech recognition

The use of speech recognition software is hardly new, and lawyers worldwide use apps that convert spoken word into written documents in real time. But those frustrated by limited functionality will welcome the worldwide release of improved speech recognition tech from BigHand, which includes smart software enabling users to build a customised profile tailored their own voice –meaning accuracy improves with use. What’s more, there’s no limit to the volume of speech that can be converted to text – welcome news for more loquacious users.

Hassle Me

Ever thought you’d be more productive if only accompanied by a combination of Jeeves and a fearsomely competent secretary? Enter the Hassle Me app. Available for Android, Windows or iPhone, it enables you to programme ‘hassle’ alerts to arrive throughout the day, whether one-off appointments or regular tasks.  And it’ll keep right on reminding you until you complete the task (or delete the reminder, for the truly indolent).


Mobile clouds

With more and more chamber and firms relying on Cloud data storage (recently endorsed for its improved security by none other than the SRA), data back-up provider Mozy goes one step further. Its mobile app ensures that all data remotely stored in its Cloud facility can be synced to and accessed on a smartphone – effectively meaning the entirety of a firm’s files can be carried around in your pocket. Needless to say, the utmost care must be taken with security: no tucking into the Chablis with clients while the phone’s left unguarded at the bar.

If these innovations have whet your appetite, contact Legastat now and find out how working with litigation support professionals to harness the latest in legal tech can help improve your practice.

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