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'UX' - Legal Tech's Next Big Thing

Apple nay-sayers may have been forgiven a wry smirk at the recent news that the latest iPhone’s spiffy fingerprint ID device was successfully hacked in a mere 2 days. Germany-based hackers The Chaos Computer Group used a high-resolution photograph of a fingerprint to create a ‘fake finger’, effectively by-passing the phone’s security device.

Whether anyone will go to the trouble of mixing milk proteins and latex into laser-printed fingerprints in order to hack an Apple trendster’s Vine account is neither here nor there: the hype surrounding the iPhone 5s release serves to emphasise that our love-affair with tech shows no signs of abating.

As a recent article by Joanna Goodman in the Law Gazette suggests, legal professionals are no less immune to the lure of the latest devices. In fact, the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) has hosted two events this year focusing on “technology as a driver of change”, and seeking “to identify the next big thing in legal IT.”

Last year’s buzzwords – the BYOD trend  and the growth of Big Data  – have swiftly become part of the legal day-to-day. The Next Big Thing, suggests the ILTA, is ‘UX’ – the user experience.

Simply put, the UX premise should lead firms to build their IT and tech strategies around the client’s needs. As Goodman puts it, “Notwithstanding whether people are tech savvy, or whether they are using their own device or one provided by the firm, everyone has a mobile phone and most people want to access firm system and data while on the move, and this has led to the development of more law firm apps to facilitate this.”

Crucially, she notes that “Client expectations have changed.” Firms increasingly find that clients come fully alert to the range of tech available – from Drop Box file sharing to sophisticated software programmes – and expect lawyers to match and exceed their expectations.

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