Privilege review exercise case study

The challenge

A leading international law firm, which specialised in corporate and commercial matters, asked us to advise on a redaction exercise involving 96,000 paper pages contained within 50 boxes. The review was being conducted by a team of five solicitors and paralegals.

The solution

We met with the firm to discuss their needs and we were quickly able to advise them that the best solution was an in-house implementation of one of our electronic review tools, Concordance.

We decided on Concordance because it was the only way to meet the deadlines imposed by the court and deal with the volume of data.

Our next step was to scan all the paper and provide a Concordance database with searchable text allowing the firm to filter information by a variety of parameters.

Following a few hours of training, the firm was able to search the documents, save their results, tag documents, and perform the redactions needed.

Today, the firms’ electronic disclosure capabilities have given the firm a competitive edge. These capabilities are seen by many clients as a must-have when instructing solicitors.