Print saving for client of £15,000

Legastat likes to help its clients save on costs. This was best illustrated when a client asked Legastat to print 10GB worth of emails and attachments as part of a disclosure exercise required for a case.

Legastat approached this task with the knowledge that money could be saved. Legastat advised the client to process the information electronically and the results were positive.

There were 148,000 documents to be dealt with, but Legastat identified and eliminated 44000 duplicate documents.

The next step was to apply 31 keywords which had been agreed with the other side involved in the case. In that process we found 7240 responsive documents.

As a result of this "sifting" exercise 621 documents were disclosed, saving the client £15,000 in the process.

This case study illustrates that Legastat is committed to finding a solution that helps its clients. By applying technology to this task, the client got what they wanted and saved on the costs.