Archiving case study

The challenge

A specialist residential and private client law firm in Chelsea asked us for an archiving solution for their property documents.

They wanted:

  • easy access to the documents
  • logical organisation of each property for quick retrieval
  • no need for buying additional dedicated software

The job was made more complex because it included many signed and bound documents that could not be taken apart, as well as colour documents and plans.

The solution

We recommended scanning all the documents and creating an e-bible that could be viewed using a free version of Adobe Reader.

We created an index of all the individual documents, grouped them by address and ordered them chronologically. Each document was also scanned with the appropriate title.

We supplied the firm with a DVD containing all the scanned documents. The Index of properties would open automatically as soon as it was inserted in the computer.

The client was able to:

  • Quickly and easily find the right address
  • See all the documents associated with that address
  • View the documents
  • Email documents to the client