Time sensitive copying turnaround

A client required a high volume of bundled documentation within 48 hours and turned to Legastat to meet that challenge.

Legastat was required to copy documentation and produce 350 bundles for a tribunal hearing in the short time frame.

With the client's needs a priority, Legastat sought to avoid any risk that the project would not be completed on time. To mitigate against this risk, Legastat opted to use its BCP and relocated part of the order to another production unit. This helped avoid the need to outsource part of the project, and insured it was completed within our control.

Legastat established a detailed schedule with specific timings and checks in place to ensure the target was met within the time frame. That aim was achieved without any compromise on quality.

The client, in their initial approach, apologised for the short notice, but Legastat knew that the task was achievable.