The cïcayda suite of electronic litigation products represents a genuine evolution in the use of technology within the legal sector. Combining lightning fast searching, effortless intuitive navigation and big data scalability, cïcayda’s relentless focus on speed and ease of use will transform the way you work.

The future of eDisclosure awaits you

The best way to experience the benefits of cïcayda is to request a free, no obligation demonstration from us or we can provide you with a free evaluation licence. In the meantime, here is what you can expect when you use cïcayda Review:

cicayda - eDisclosure intelligently evolved

Transparent pricing and exceptional value for money

Just like using cïcayda, getting started could not be simpler. We have designed our Terms and Conditions to help you get your project live as quickly as possible. We provide:

cicayda - transparent pricing and exceptional value for money

Litigation Support Services from Legastat

Legastat is delighted to be the exclusive provider of the cïcayda suite of products for the UK and Ireland. As a leading provider of litigation support services since 1953, we recognise a ground breaking product when we see one.

Should your project require additional support, you can rely on Legastat to provide you with a full range of litigation support services. We are experts in legal reprographics and hard copy scanning and document coding as well as a huge range of electronic litigation support services. We are proud to have been selected as one of only 3 suppliers to provide disclosure services to government via framework RM924.

About cïcayda and Legastat

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, cïcayda delivers cloud-based applications for electronic litigation. Led by the former CaseLogistix CEO Roe Frazer, cïcayda is run by people who have done it all before! Their suite of electronic litigation products (all provided by Legastat in the UK) includes legal hold management, data processing, review, disclosure and text and document analytics.

The strategic partnership between cïcayda and Legastat joins two companies with vibrant personalities, a rich history and formidable industry experience.

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