Digital Archiving

Digital archiving gives you faster access to your documents. It makes them searchable and allows you to retrieve them from any location via the internet. It also means your documents are backed up in the event of a disaster.

We can store your digital archive for you or you can store them in house. Should you choose storing the images with us, you have the assurance of our secure systems, fast access, and the backup you want.

Digital archive scanning

Our digital archive scanning service converts your paper documents into a fully searchable digital archive. The archive can be hosted on your own servers or on our Digital Vault facility which is a secure, UK hosted repository. We will keep your papers in our safe storage facility until you instruct us to shred them.

Digital Vault hosted service

Digital Vault allows you to access all of your documents, wherever you are even on your laptop.

  • Safe, secure and cheaper than you might think
  • No software to purchase and no capital outlay
  • Only pay a monthly fee based on how many documents you need to store and how many people need to access them
  • External back up of your digital archive, with complete disaster recovery certainty.

In-house digital archiving

If you prefer to keep your digital archive in-house, we can provide you with a digital archive to store on your own servers.  Call us for help or information about digital archive systems.