Electronic Disclosure

E-Disclosure or Electronic Disclosure is the term given to the process of managing and utilising data in any litigation, arbitration, regulatory or other investigation. Data of all types can be relevant. This can include text, email, images, calendar files, databases, spreadsheets, audio files, animation, web sites and social media. Data can be located in a myriad of media, servers, personal computers, laptops, storage networks, mobile devices, cloud based systems, web based email systems, CD’s and portable storage devices.

The Electronic Disclosure Reference Model (EDRM) is a joint initiative of experts, lawyers, suppliers and end users. The model describes the various stages of an E-Disclosure process and has become the widely accepted standard. The stages that may be involved are:

Information Management

Is the process of putting your electronic house in order to mitigate risk & expenses should E-Disclosure become an issue. Not every company will have an adequate system in place.


What are the data sources and where are they stored? Determining its scope, breadth & depth.


Ensuring that data is protected against inappropriate alteration or destruction.


Gathering or harvesting data for further use in the e-discovery process (processing, review, etc.).


Extracting the metadata and content, to build a searchable database. Using techniques to reducing the volume of data and converting it, if necessary, to forms more suitable for review & analysis.


Evaluating and categorising data for relevance & privilege etc


Evaluating data for content & context, including key patterns, topics, people & discussion.


Delivering data to others in appropriate forms & using appropriate delivery mechanisms.


Displaying data before audiences (at hearings, trials, etc.), especially in native & near-native forms, to elicit further information, validate existing facts or positions, or persuade an audience.

Using our best of breed software and partners Legastat can assist you at each stage of the process.

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