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Monday, August 10th, 2020

The events of the last few months have seen many changes in the way we live and work. At Legastat, we have remained open and continued to provide our services safely to customers both old and new. We have also seen changes in the way our customers are adapting to remote working and the challenges that this brings.

Electronic bundles (eBundles) provide several significant benefits when working away from the office and are also essential when conducting remote hearings. If you do not have access to the resources required to construct your eBundle, Legastat can help.

An electronic bundle built by Legastat can provide a host of benefits. These include:

  • An indexed and hyperlinked bundle that is fully searchable and instantly dynamically navigable on your PC or tablet.
  • Legastat’s comprehensive quality assurance process ensures that the integrity of the bundle is maintained and any errors and omissions are identified and corrected.
  • Fully compliant with practice direction and guidance for multiple different courts (including UKSC and Privy Council).
  • Produced within 12 hours and distributed to courts via secure platforms approved by the courts.
  • Work remotely and collaborate with colleagues via platforms such as Microsoft Teams or host on our eDisclosure platform, Axcelerate.
  • A portable and secure document bundle that can be accessed and distributed from any location.

Electronic bundles improve significantly the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of remote working.

Read more about our eBundles service here,

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