eDisclosure costs – the curious case of price certainty vs transparency

Tuesday, October 26th, 2021

Since launching our fixed cost, Symphony Disclosure, earlier this year, we’ve spoken to many clients about the significant benefits of adopting a genuinely fixed cost approach to eDisclosure. A common theme during those conversations is that lawyers want to understand the limitations, exceptions, and caveats that apply to our Symphony products. The great news is, there are none.

Common questions include “how many project management hours can we use each month” and “what is the additional cost of using analytics, business intelligence, or predictive coding”?  Our clients want to understand the cost of additional users, expanded data, and often we hear, “this is our first project; what happens if we need extra support”? Our response is always the same. There are no hidden or unexpected charges, simply one monthly invoice with one line item charge. The best part is that those costs are agreed upon well before the project starts – genuine cost certainty.

Price transparency is, of course, still essential if your projectLegal Crystal balls - Legastat
is structured using a more traditional approach. Providing clarity on how much each task,user, GB or project management hour is costing is vital. But as a project dynamically evolves, no amount of transparency will provide the guaranteed cost certainty afforded by Legastat’s fixed cost and fully inclusive approach. It’s like having your very own lawyer’s crystal ball!

We have designed Symphony Disclosure to be scalable too. We have a fixed cost solution for every project, from smaller cases under 5GB (starting at £2,350) to terabytes of data, and even enterprise solutions for multiple cases.

Frequently Asked Questions about Symphony Disclosure

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