Introducing Symphony Disclosure

Tuesday, July 27th, 2021

Fully functional, fixed cost and fully inclusive disclosure services.

At Legastat, we know that choosing or changing your electronic disclosure provider can be time-consuming and complex. Accurately comparing the pricing, scope, and multitude of technologies offered by providers can introduce delays and obstacles just when you need to review documents and focus on your disclosure obligations.

For these reasons, Legastat has developed and is excited to launch our range of electronic disclosure products, Symphony Disclosure.

Symphony consists of three products Aria, Sonata and Concerto. All three products are designed to revolutionise how our customers buy and consume eDisclosure technology and services.

Symphony Disclosure products deliver marketing leading technology and outstanding customer service via a fully functional, fixed cost and fully inclusive product framework.  Most importantly, when we say fully inclusive, we mean it. Fully functional, data analytics and technology-assisted review, unlimited users and comprehensive audit, reporting and business intelligence modules, all included, at no additional cost. No hourly rates or unexpected costs at month-end and no ‘optional extras’! Just class-leading eDisclosure technology and expert technical consultancy.

With complete projects starting from as little £2,350 + VAT, please get in touch to understand how Symphony Disclosure Services can transform your eDisclosure projects.

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