A cautionary tale: ‘No one ever got fired for buying IBM’

Wednesday, November 24th, 2021

 Read on to discover how to de-risk your next eDisclosure project and become a disclosure superhero 

Very often, making purchasing decisions is about de-risking your choice, both personally and corporately. Forty years ago, if you were in the market to purchase business-critical computer software, the old adage that “No one ever got fired for buying IBM” was commonplace and potentially offered buyers some comfort. 

These days the idea that “safe bets don’t go wrong” is no longer (or perhaps never was) true. The examples in this article demonstrate that all too painfully. So whilst it may be tempting to stick to the status quo and choose a more prominent, market-leading product or company, there are several critical considerations when selecting the lowest risk solution in today’s rapidly evolving legal-tech environment. 

No one ever got fired .. Legastat eDisclosure

So before entrusting your firm’s valuable reputation to an external eDisclosure provider, what factors should you consider? How do you de-risk that decision and not stake everything on the ‘safe bet’? 

The eDisclosure market has evolved rapidly during the 12 years that Legastat has delivered these services, and it is evident that biggest isn’t always best. Considerations around technology, capability, professionalism and quality of service should all be factors that you can reasonably take for granted from any established eDisclosure vendor. 

But what about value for money and transparent costs? We see a great deal spoken about transparent pricing in eDisclosure, but very little about cost certainty. Legastat’s Symphony Disclosure services provide total confidence of cost for your project, even before it starts. With one simple, fully inclusive monthly charge, you are assured of receiving excellent value for money, allowing you to focus on your client’s disclosure obligations without getting bogged down in project managing spiralling, unexpected costs. 

By taking the guesswork out of eDisclosure, Symphony’s fixed cost, fully inclusive approach ensures that we share your aims and objectives. Our focus is 100% aligned with yours. As a true partnership, we both share the risk and responsibility and drive towards total efficiency and accuracy in delivering your project. 

To take the next step towards becoming an ‘eDisclosure Superhero’ within your organisation, get in touch here for an informal discussion about Symphony Disclosure and how to achieve guaranteed cost certainty on your next project. 

Legastat - edisclosure superhero

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