Overture – an expert eDisclosure readiness assessment

Legastat’s expert eDisclosure consultancy and readiness assessment is designed to help you to plan your project, understand your material and have an accurate estimate of costs.

If you are at the early stages in your case or simply want to better understand the details of your project, then Legastat can help with our Overture readiness assessment. Overture will provide you with a deep insight into your data, an understanding of the responsiveness of keywords and other search queries and critically, clarity and accuracy as to your costs should you need to move forward with one of Legastat’s fixed cost, fully inclusive electronic disclosure solutions.

By engaging with the Overture process, you are gaining a significant strategic advantage in your case, with a clear understanding of your material, clarity on issues and costs and the ability to make rapid and informed decisions on how to proceed.

Overture is a fully inclusive service, available from £1,200 for up to a minimum of 50GB and an additional £25 per GB thereafter.

The exercise lasts a maximum of 28 days, after which the project can move to the preferred live stage.

Please get in touch to find out more, and gain a clear strategic advantage in your next case.

Overture Early Case Assessment - A disclosure service from Legastat - Expert Litigation Support

Other Symphony Disclosure Services

Fixed price, fully inclusive electronic disclosure for smaller, individual cases.

Volume-based, fixed price per GB, electronic disclosure services for larger, more complex cases

Fixed cost, volume based, annual subscription to electronic disclosure services for multiple cases over time.

Compose your own Symphony

We recognise that our fixed cost, fully inclusive, Symphony Disclosure Services may not be a perfect fit for everyone and if that is the case then we can still offer the same fantastic team of eDisclosure practitioners and class-leading technologies on a more traditional per GB and hourly fees model. The key is to find the right solution for your project that will produce the best possible outcomes for you are and your client.

I like the idea of a fully inclusive approach, is there anything that is not included?
Can you help with scanning and coding, forensic collection, or printing?
How quickly can my project be live on Axcelerate™?
What happens if the size or scope of my eDisclosure project changes?
Do you charge for users, documents, custodians or per GB of data?
How do you calculate the volume of GB that I am charged for?
Do you offer Managed Document Review?
Our work can be sensitive and highly confidential. Are your services secure?