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John Eddowes, Chairman - Legastat - Expert Litigation Support

John Eddowes


With 40 years’ experience in the field, John has a broad overview of reprographics and computerised litigation.

Doesn’t have the time to read as widely as he would like. Past publications include “The Language of Cricket”, which as well as being a reference book spiked with humour shows the Franco-Flemish origin of the game, and how it spread through Kent and Sussex first. Also explains the origin of ‘barracking’, and the difference between the googly and the chinaman.

“The Two Killers of Rillington Place” shows that Timothy John Evans was guilty of the murder of both his wife Beryl and their baby Geraldine: ‘after this book, no sensible person will believe in the innocence of Timothy Evans,’ wrote Colin Wilson in The Standard.