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Symphony Disclosure

A suite of fixed cost, fully inclusive and fully functional electronic disclosure services.

Legastat’s electronic disclosure services ensure transparent, fully inclusive pricing with clarity of project scope and deliverables. Legastat provides all the tools and expertise to focus on your electronic disclosure obligations without concerns of unexpected costs, changes in scope or additional data. Quite simply, Symphony Disclosure Services comprises expertly developed solutions designed for eDisclosure cases of every size and complexity. 

Most importantly when we say, ‘fully inclusive’, we really mean it. Fully functional, data analytics and technology-assisted review, unlimited users and comprehensive, audit, reporting and Business Intelligence modules, all included, at no additional cost. No unexpected costs at month end and no ‘optional extras’! Just class-leading eDisclosure technology and expert technical consultancy.


Fixed price, fully inclusive electronic disclosure for smaller, individual cases up to 5GB


Volume based, fixed price per GB, electronic disclosure services for larger, more complex cases


Fixed cost per GB, volume based, subscription to electronic disclosure services for multiple cases over time

Our Symphony Disclosure Services

Fixed Cost, Fully Inclusive Electronic Disclosure Services

Eliminates concerns around your disclosure cost estimates, providing transparency and accuracy from the start

Fully functional Axcelerate™ platform from OpenText, including Data Analytics and Technology Assisted Review (TAR)

Class-leading data analytics, including concept clustering, phrase analysis, sentiment analysis and smart filters

Accelerated onboarding, projects operational within as little as 24 hours from instruction

Includes the creation of all review workflows, tagging panels, searches and data segmentation

Completely inclusive of project management, technical assistance and tailored training covering all aspects of the review platform

Archival and project termination options included as required

100% Guaranteed - No additional fees, optional extras or unexpected costs

A fully scalable solution that evolves as as your project develops

Symphony Disclosure Services have been designed based on feedback from our clients across the legal industry. By listening to our clients’ significant and varied experience of eDisclosure platforms, providers, and methodologies, we are confident that we have created a solution for every situation.  To help you to develop a clearer understanding of our requirements, material, and perhaps the merits of your case, Legastat can help you to compose your very own Symphony Disclosure by undertaking our Overture, Early Case Assessment exercise.

Legastat’s expert eDisclosure consultancy and readiness assessment is designed to help you to plan your project, understand your material and have an accurate estimate of costs. All with absolutely no further obligation. We will provide you with a report and help you to choose which fully inclusive, fixed cost electronic disclosure solution is right for your project.

Is Symphony right for me?

We recognise that our fixed cost, fully inclusive, Symphony Disclosure Services may not be a perfect fit for everyone and if that is the case then we can still offer the same fantastic team of eDisclosure practitioners and class-leading technologies on a more traditional per GB and hourly fees model. The key is to find the right solution for your project that will produce the best possible outcomes for you are and your client.

I like the idea of a fully inclusive approach, is there anything that is not included?
Can you help with scanning and coding, forensic collection, or printing?
How quickly can my project be live on Axcelerate™?
What happens if the size or scope of my eDisclosure project changes?
Do you charge for users, documents, custodians or per GB of data?
How do you calculate the volume of GB that I am charged for?
Do you offer Managed Document Review?
Our work can be sensitive and highly confidential. Are your services secure?