Electronic Disclosure services for litigation – edisclosure or ediscovery

Electronically stored information (ESI) is increasingly pervasive in almost every walk of life today, with data volumes in our personal and business lives increasing exponentially. It is therefore inevitable, that when faced with an investigation or the prospect of litigation, ESI will form all or part of your disclosure requirement. As a result, Electronic Disclosure must now be considered in any matter with large volumes of ESI or other documentation, driven by the advantages of risk mitigation, defensibility, transparency and cost control that the eDisclosure process delivers.

edisclosure services by Legastat - Expert Litigation Support in London

Symphony Disclosure

An innovative suite of fixed cost, fully inclusive and fully functional electronic disclosure services.

Legastat’s electronic disclosure services ensure transparent, fully inclusive pricing with clarity of project scope and deliverables. Legastat provides all the tools and expertise to focus on your electronic disclosure obligations without concerns of unexpected costs, changes in scope or additional data.

Quite simply, Symphony Disclosure Services comprises expertly developed solutions designed for eDisclosure cases of every size and complexity.

Electronic Disclosure (eDisclosure or eDiscovery as it is referred to in the US) is often misunderstood to be simply a piece of software, a platform or even a brand. In reality, eDisclosure is so much more. It is an end-to-end process (described by the EDRM – Electronic Discovery/Disclosure Reference Model), that utilises various technologies, expertise and processes, working together to deliver the desired outcome. This process is neither literal nor linear, it requires flexibility and understanding of a client’s needs to work together collaboratively and to deliver outstanding results.

As one of the primary activities of our business, Legastat has been providing electronic disclosure services for over 12 years. During this time, we have utilised and tested multiple systems and eDisclosure software packages, to enable us to choose the best platforms for our clients. Never one to follow the crowd, our technology suite today delivers the perfect combination of usability and class-leading performance.

A Genuine End-to-End Provider

Legastat is one of the very few organisations that can provide a genuine end-to-end service. Not a software house or a consultancy, Legastat are a team of Litigation Support Experts which means that we can assist with every aspect of your case, from the forensic collection, scanning and indexing of high volumes of hard copy, the eDisclosure process including a fully Managed Legal Review. And even in this bright new technological age, should you still require paper bundles printing, we are experts in that too.

If delivery of all of your requirements from a single supplier, with no outsourcing or sub-contracting, is important to you, then please get in touch today.

Technology delivered by Experts

In addition to our toolset of software and hardware products that enable Legastat to deliver our service, this is underpinned by a team of highly trained experts with years of experience in managing a huge variety of different cases, clients and challenges.

Almost every case requires a bespoke approach to be adopted. Our team is often exposed to situations where tailored solutions are needed. Whether this is driven by information security requirements, software functionality, or workflow management, Legastat’s team has adapted to each and every situation, handling cases with a single issue, a handful of users and under 1 GB of data, to cases with over 100 users, complex workflows and many terabytes of ESI in size.

Regardless of the challenge, it is our teams’ knowledge, expertise and commitment to our clients that delivers outstanding results time after time.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Litigation

Over the last few years, much has been spoken about the use of artificial intelligence (AI) as a part of the eDisclosure process. Presented using various terminologies (Predictive coding, Technology Assisted Review – TAR, or Machine Learning), various forms of artificial intelligence have been available in legal software platforms for many years now.

AI in edisclosure by Legastat - Expert Litigation Support in London.png AI in edisclosure - Legastat - Expert Litigation Support .png edisclosure technology - Legastat - Expert Litigation Support .png

The AI we deploy in our projects has demonstrated time and time again how Legastat enables legal teams to work faster, with greater accuracy, and reduce the costs of the review process significantly, without losing any flexibility in their approach in the process.

If you would like to know more about how AI in the disclosure process may be able to assist you with your requirements, please speak to one of our team.

OpenText™ Axcelerate

At the heart of our Electronic Disclosure services sits the OpenText™ Axcelerate software. Axcelerate provides Legastat and our clients with a complete solution, offering powerful Early Case Assessment (ECA), flexible intuitive document review, award-winning analytics and continuous machine learning, all built-in and available at a single transparent cost.

The technology contained within OpenText™ Axcelerate helps legal teams identify the facts that matter for litigation, compliance and governance, faster, more accurately and cost-efficiently.

eDisclosure in Summary

For law firms large and small there is an inevitability, that sooner rather than later you will be confronted by a case containing large volumes of electronic material. With 12 years’ experience, a team of experts, a class-leading technology suite, and an end-to-end Litigation Support capability, Legastat is ideally placed to assist you, whatever the challenge.

If you would like further information, please get in touch and speak to a member of our team.

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