People, Processes and Technology

Legastat’s Managed Legal Document Review focuses on 3 key areas: people, process and technology to produce optimal outcomes for you and your clients.

People: We only use Legally Qualified and experienced document reviewers, all of whom have been careful screened, trained in Axcelerate™ and on-boarded to your project to produce highly efficient output of the highest quality, resulting in the optimum combination of value for money and quality.

Process: Our processes are tried, tested and flexible to the needs of an individual client’s requirements. From the on-boarding process, training, delivery of the document review and the quality control process, everything is designed to ensure efficiency and speed without compromising on quality. This is reinforced by having a project management and team leadership resource dedicated to every project. These teams provide expert knowledge, act as the client interface and manage the personnel and technology to ensure each project is fine tuned to be as efficient as possible.

Technology: Underpinning all our Managed Document Review projects is the core technology provided by our eDisclosure platform, Axcelerate™ from OpenText™. Two key elements of Axcelerate™ enable Legastat to leverage genuine strategic advantage in delivering a cost-effective, high-quality outcome. Firstly, via the fast, configurable and intuitive review interface our reviewers can work quickly and accurately increasing review rates with no reduction in quality. Furthermore Axcelerate™ provides class leading predictive analytics and Technology Assisted Review (TAR) which enables our review teams, supported by our technical consultants, to identify, prioritise and batch documents according to issues and automatically provide these to reviewers based upon the likelihood of them being relevant. All of this leads to a more efficient and accurate outcome for our clients.

Subject Access Requests and Redactions

Legastat has extensive experience of providing review and redaction services based upon Subject Access Requests (SARs). Depending on the nature of the material requested, legal complex redactions of sensitive personal information may be required. Legastat provides a highly specialised service, efficiently and cost effectively helping you ensure you do not miss the 1 month deadline imposed under GDPR.

Value Added Review Partners

Legastat will typically provide a first-tier legal document review service where the scope of the requirement, either in volume, timeframe, complexity or a combination of these factors, doesn’t require a review team of more than 15 to 20 reviewers and associated management and oversight. Where our clients have specific requirements which exceed these boundaries, Legastat have strategic partnerships with organisations who can provide a more specialist, dedicated capability that adds genuine value to our end to end litigation support offering by combining our technology, service and expertise and our partners unique ability to work with us to deliver outstanding client focused results.

Integreon: Integreon are a global leader in Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) and for large scale document reviews that require scale, flexibility and value for money, their capability is unsurpassed. We are delighted to have partnered with Integreon to fulfil large scale first tier reviews and as experts in using Axcelerate™ as a disclosure platform we provide an outstanding team that delivers outcome focused results for our clients.


From just a few thousand documents that require reviewing for relevance, to a highly complex litigation matter consisting of multiple issues or a requirement for 1 million documents to be reviewed by a team of 100 reviewers as quickly as possible, Legastat can offer a solution for any eventuality. To understand more about how we can help you achieve a better outcome for your clients faster and more cost effectively please get in touch today.

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