Electronic Court Bundles

In recent times we have seen significant growth in the use of electronic court bundles, or eBibles.

Driven by both an increase in the adoption of eDisclosure in litigation and changes to the way we work as a result of the global pandemic, eBundles are certainly here to stay and offer a range of benefits over traditional, hard copy court bundles.

Despite the obvious benefits, preparation of court bundles in electronic format can present lawyers and their teams with several challenges.

Time-consuming, complex and with zero margin for error or omission, getting your electronic bundle right, first time and on time is critical to your case. This is where Legastat can help remove the burden of electronic bundle production from you and your colleagues.

Legastat’s paralegal services team have extensive experience in preparing electronic bundles.

However, rather than risk the production of your court bundle by relying on software that claims to automate the process, our eBundles are predominantly, handmade. Of course, our team has access to and utilises specialist software to accelerate the processing of your bundle, but the heart of our service is an expert manual process.

Delivered by a dedicated specialist who will communicate with you throughout your order, seeking clarifications, asking questions and offering valuable help and advice along the way, Legastat aims to provide a seamless, stress-free alternative to the challenges of DIY electronic bundle production.

Please call our paralegal team on 0800 064 0204 or click the button below to find out how we can help. We look forward to being of service.

I’d also like to tell you that the judge in our case has commented on the high standard of the electronic and hard copy bundles we have served on the court during our appeal, so I am very grateful for all of your (and the whole team’s) help over the past few weeks (and months).

Boutique Law LLP

Legastat’s electronic bundle paralegal service includes:


A dedicated and experienced team member who will oversee your project from start to finish


The reassurance that your bundle is created by an expert, not a computer


The ability to make changes or add documents right up to the last minute


Rapid completion of your order in as little as 2 hours


A complete quality control process supported by ISO9001 quality management accreditation


Transparent hourly charges that offer outstanding value for money


Bundles produced in accordance with Practice Direction 51O, PD 14 for UK Supreme Court, PD 9 for Privy Council Bundles and HM Tribunal Service


SO27001:2013 certified, Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation with delivery to all parties using government-approved Egress technology


We let you and your team focusing on your case while we take care of the bundle


Legastat has been providing litigation support since 1953 and produces hundreds of electronic bundles every month