Trial bundles and Supreme Court bundles

Legastat have capacity to produce multiple copies of your bundles at short notice, without compromising their quality. We understand the importance of producing identical copies; our quality control procedures have evolved over time, making sure each bundle is correct. Where necessary, our specialists assist our clients with implementing court guidelines for various institutions such as House of Lords, Supreme Court or Privy Council.

Paralegal support and technical capabilities

For any large or ongoing project, Legastat will assign a project manager who will be your main point of contact throughout the life of the case. Our project managers have recognised paralegal qualifications, and they will assist with the production of indices, labels or spines.   

Where necessary, we will advise on conversion to A5 or double sided, pagination, colour management, bespoke dividers or binding options. You don’t have to worry about providing lever arch files or dividers – we hold a large stock of peripherals, catering for a variety of options.

Printing driven by technology

Before we embark on any printing requests, we want to make sure we do not produce any unnecessary documents that will only increase costs and add time pressures on you.

Specialised software packages enable us to identify duplicates, filter and select folders or documents, or/and print in chronological order. Once the documents requiring printing have been identified, our batch printing services will deliver the paper documents in the fastest way possible. Automated printing will significantly reduce the room for error and will enable us to provide you with a PDF version of the documents supplied to us.

In addition, our eDisclosure specialists will recognise situations where electronic disclosure will deliver better results than printing itself and we will be able to advise on alternative course of action that will reduce costs and risks.


We have dealt with legal copying and printing for over 65 years, protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information given to us. This is paramount for what we do and is very much the result of a focused and continued effort to provide our clients with the most secure service possible.

Our premises, staff and processes have been ISO27001 certified for nearly 10 years, currently running UKAS ISO27001:2013 Information Security Standard, Cyber Essential Certification and ISO9001:2015 Quality Standard.

Our own drivers will collect and deliver the bundles to and from your offices in unmarked vans. Electronic information can be transferred to us using encrypted methods (FTP) which we provide free of charge.

We are proud to have served on various Government Frameworks for more than eight years. All staff members are adequately vetted, with many employees undertaking additional government security clearances as part of projects’ requirements.

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