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Frequently Asked Questions about Reprographics

Do you offer collection and delivery?
Do you provide legal printing such as Privy Council, Supreme Court or House of Lords bundles?
How secure are your legal reprographic services? Will my material be safe in your hands?
Do you provide finishing services?
Can I securely send you files to print and have them sent to me?
Are there any other services that you provide?
Can you provide electronic court bundles?
How will you ensure that my projects are free from errors?

Frequently Asked Questions about Scanning & Indexing

Why would I consider scanning my hardcopy material?
What does coding or indexing of scanned documents mean?
I have heard the term OCR used a lot, what is it and do I need it?
What is unitisation?
How secure are your legal scanning and indexing services? Will my material be safe in your hands?
Can you scan old, fragile material without damaging it further?
How do you ensure every page is captured accurately?
Is the coding and indexing also subject to checks for quality and consistency?
Can you scan my material faster and more accurately than we could in the office?
Do you do all your scanning and coding inhouse or do you offshore any projects?

Frequently Asked Questions about eDisclosure

Does Legastat provide electronic disclosure services?
What eDisclosure platform does Legastat use?
I’ve heard a lot about things like predictive coding, TAR and other artificial intelligence (AI) processes being applied in eDisclosure. Is this something Legastat can do?
Can you explain the difference between eDisclosure and eDiscovery?
What exactly is electronic disclosure?
What does early case assessment (ECA) mean?
What does it mean when you describe Legastat as an end-to-end eDisclosure provider?
Colleagues have said that electronic disclosure is only for large cases and is expensive. Is this correct?
I’ve been asked to complete an electronic disclosure questionnaire (EDQ), can you help?
How do you charge for your eDisclosure services and what does it cost?

Frequently Asked Questions about our Symphony disclosure products

I like the idea of a fully inclusive approach, is there anything that is not included?
Can you help with scanning and coding, forensic collection, or printing?
How quickly can my project be live on Axcelerate™?
What happens if the size or scope of my eDisclosure project changes?
Do you charge for users, documents, custodians or per GB of data?
How do you calculate the volume of GB that I am charged for?
Do you offer Managed Document Review?
Our work can be sensitive and highly confidential. Are your services secure?

Frequently Asked Questions about Managed Legal Review

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