Symphony Disclosure – Taking the guesswork out of eDisclosure

Wednesday, October 6th, 2021

When we launched Symphony Disclosure just a few months ago, we were excited about the prospect of transforming the way that legal practitioners could fulfil their electronic disclosure obligations.

By taking the guesswork out of projects with our innovative fixed cost, fully inclusive approach, we have been thrilled by the feedback from our users. There is no doubt that customers love our transparent, fixed cost pricing, fully inclusive project support, and, of course, our team of professional services consultants on hand to guide you through your project.

So what exactly is Symphony Disclosure, and why will you love it?

Symphony is a suite of fixed cost, fully inclusive and fully functional electronic disclosure services, ensuring fully inclusive pricing with clarity of project scope and deliverables. We provide all the tools and expertise to focus on your electronic disclosure obligations without concerns of unexpected costs, changes in scope or additional data.

Quite simply, Symphony Disclosure Services comprises expertly developed solutions designed for eDisclosure cases of every size and complexity.

We currently have four modules that make up the Symphony Suite. These are:

Overture – Fixed cost early case assessment, giving you a clear and accurate view of your case and costs. Powered by OpenText™ Axcelerate™ Investigation.

Aria – Fully functional, fixed cost and fully inclusive eDisclosure for small cases up to 5GB and starting from just £2,350

Sonata – Volume based, fixed price per GB, electronic disclosure services for larger, more complex cases over 10GB

Concerto – Fixed cost per GB, volume-based, subscription to electronic disclosure services for multiple cases over time

Symphony Disclosure products deliver market-leading technology and outstanding customer service via a fully functional, fixed cost, and fully inclusive product framework. Most importantly, when we say fully inclusive, we mean it:

  • Fully functional, data analytics and technology-assisted review powered by Axcelerate™
    Unlimited users
    Comprehensive audit, reporting and business intelligence modules
    No hourly rates or unexpected costs at month-end and no plugins or ‘optional extras’!
    Just class-leading eDisclosure technology and expert technical consultancy

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